Ocean Dive Center is staffed by a team of dedicated PADI professionals with 1,000s of dives and experience diving around the world. To complement our permanent team, we have a team of independent PADI professionals who are truly passionate about diving and enjoy working as part of the Ocean Dive Center team in passing on their knowledge and enthusiasm of diving.

Our team can also teach the following languages: ENGLISH and ARABIC.

Our team includes male and female Dive Masters to PADI Professional Instructors. So we will always have someone to look after you.

  • All our PADI professionals are in teaching status and can be checked out on the PADI website
  • All equipment you will use on your course has been serviced and tested in line with manufacturer’s guidelines and has been tested by qualified technicians, so you know our equipment is safe
  • The Ocean Dive Center works with a maximum of eight on a course (or to PADI standards), making it small and safe, yet large enough for you to meet new people and maybe find a buddy to dive with
  • Most dive centers charge extra for pool sessions if you require additional time to complete your course. The Ocean Dive Center will not charge you for another pool or beach dive session; you have to be comfortable to head out into open water.
  • We promise we will not give up on you. All you have to do is promise to keep putting in the effort; we will get you through your course.
  • We offer the PADI e-learning system, we know many people have to juggle work-life to fit around their pleasure activities. E-learning allows you to log on to the system and do an hour at lunchtime or sit at home.
  • We won’t sell you a course or equipment you don’t need. It’s not about collecting badges or having more kits than the center. It’s about you and the type of diving you want to do. You might be a holiday diver or want to become a full technical diver. You decide on what makes you a happy and passionate diver.

What do We do?

Boat Trips: we run pleasure dives during weekdays and weekends (weather permitting) in Abu Dhabi and East Coast, Khorfakkan, shallow dives, deep dives, night dives, snorkeling, and boat rental.

Repair and Services: In-house Repairs, Warranty Work for Scuba pro equipment regulator overhaul, annual warranty, dive computer battery replacement, Depth  Gauge Calibration Service.

Equipments: OCEAN DIVE CENTER sells and provides warranty service for all SCUBA PRO products.